Courses of the Network Engineering.

Having successfully completed the module, students should be able to:

  1. Impart knowledge on working principles and structure of the different telecommunication switching techniques 
  2. Provide a framework and analysis on traffic engineering and loss estimation.
  3. Create an understanding on digital subscriber access and digital loop carrier systems
  4. Enrich the knowledge about various types of multiplexing techniques
  5. Study various telecommunication switching techniques such as time division and space division switching techniques
  6. Expose through the evolution of switching systems from manual and  electromechanical systems to stored-program-controlled digital systems

This Module has two instances:

  1. System software.
  2. System administration.

Its aim is to introduce to students to  cover all the things that they have to do to keep a computer system in usable order. It includes things like backing up and/or restoring files, installing new programs, creating and/or deleting accounts for users of users, making certain that the file system is not corrupt, etc.